1. Soft Dog

From the recording Starbuck 2022

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Soft Dog


She’s got a soft dog beside her
She’s got the moonglow for light
She’s gonna’ live for the moment
If she can get through the night

She makes a morning cup of coffee
And thinks about what could have been
And then a thought comes to her slowly
In a whisper on the wind

She looks out in the winter rain
Reflections in the windowpane
Of tears
Her little dog begins her day
With soulful eyes as if to say
I’m here

She cried the night into her pillow
Feeling lost in the big alone
But she remembered someone’s waiting
The best friend she’s ever known

She’s got a soft dog beside her
Sleeping gently by her side
Her little dog snuggles closer
And dries the tears that she had cried

©2022 Bruce Blackman
Bruce Man Music - ASCAP