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Bruce Blackman - Writer, Producer, Keyboards


Moonlight Feels Right 2014 is the first new music from Bruce Blackman in three decades.  The album came about when Bruce went to his high school reunion in Greenville, MS.  He wrote a song, "Jim's Cafe",  for his reunion and made 70 copies of it for his classmates.  When he got home two days later, he had over 500 requests for the song on Facebook.  The requests soon turned into thousands.  "I was completely surprised by this," says Bruce. "That's when I decided to release a new album."

"Moonlight Feels Right 2014" features 12 new songs and 4 never-released vintage songs,  including a new version of Moonlight Feels Right.  "I came across my original demo of MFR that I recorded with a Bossa Nova beat from a cheap drum machine," Bruce Said.  "I thought it would be interesting to go back to the root of the song and record it that way. It feels comfortable to me as a Bossa Nova."

Stylistically speaking,  Bruce is well known for his jazz-pop,  keyboard infused style of writing and playing as exemplified by his signature song, "Moonlight Feels Right".  He is considered one of the pioneers of synth-based recording.

Bruce cut his musical teeth in the New Orleans based 60s soft pop group Eternity's Children.  The group scored a minor hit with his song,  "Mrs. Bluebird",  and the group appeared on American Bandstand.   Later he teamed up with marimba/vibes player,  Bo Wagner,  and formed the group Starbuck.   His song "Moonlight Feels Right" soared to top 3 in the Billboard chart and became an international hit.   Today,  MFR is recognized as one of the top classics from the 70s.

Starbuck toured for several years and played with many of the major acts of the era:  ELO,  Hall & Oates,  K.C. and the Sunshine Band,  Boston,  Seals and Crofts and many others.   Starbuck performed on American Bandstand,   Midnight Special,   Don Kershner's In Concert,   Merv Griffin,   Mike Douglas,   Dinah Shore,  and   Peter Marshall.

Today, Bruce is involved in several music projects and continues to write and record as an artist as well as producing other artists.  "I've had 30 more years to practice," says Bruce, "so I guess I should be better now than I ever was."

No doubt. Moonlight still feels right.