1. Jim's Cafe

From the recording Moonlight Feels Right 2014


Lyrics & Music by Bruce Blackman

I’m driving fast I’m coming home to see you, baby
Getting’ dizzy from those highway lines
I shoulda' known I couldn't live without you
Counting down miles by the highway signs
I’ll be cruisin’ in my ’64 Chevy
Burning tires coming your way
Meet me down on the corner by the leve
Down around Jim’s café
I need a rocket gotta’ get it going faster
Mash that gas pedal down to the floor
I can’t wait to wrap my arms around you, girl
I’m double down the speed limit on this road
(Repeat Chorus)
I left Baton Rouge last night and didn’t even stop at Stuckey’s
I crossed that Miss-Sippi bridge pushing a hundred and five
I taped your picture on the dashboard like an angel smiling back at me
Wearing that yellow blouse you’re so beautiful even an old blind man could see
All I do is think about missing you
Drove all night trying to outrun the sun
Praying like a preacher that you’ll be there to meet me
I tried not to love you but it can’t be done
(Repeat Chorus)
Driving by in my ’64 Chevey
Right in front of Jim’s Cafe
There you are on the corner by the levee
This is my lucky day – Hallelujah